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About Us

SHAKTI TV is India's first Health & Lifestyle satellite TV channel which came into being on the 15th October 2005. Knowing well that healthy people can only make a healthy nation, Shakti TV took upon itself the onerous task of spreading health awareness among the masses.

India, unlike many developed nations, is still struggling to cope with myriad epidemics and poor public health conditions and therefore, it always needed a TV channel which was beyond News & Entertainment for disseminating information and knowledge of matters pertaining to public health. Shakti TV is just trying to fulfill that hiatus.

Shakti TV is virtually taking the matters of health to people's door-step through its carefully crafted programming encompassing all age and gender groups and multifarious & multidisciplinary aspects of health.

We gauge our relevance and popularity by those hundreds and thousands of health related communications received from those thankful people who were once distressed by their variety of health issues and benefited themselves by our health awareness programmes. And that precisely is the reason why we lay tonnes of emphasis on preventive procedures of staying healthy.